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Marketing Expert Youth Section

Job Description and Requirements



Developing & implementing segments' value propositions aiming at increasing revenues and differentiating the product, segmenting the market and monitoring revenues, arpu, customer usage behavior and spending patterns.


Key Accountabilities:


  • Identify & monitor different segment’s needs “telecom & non telecom" & introduce tailored offers & services accordingly.
  • Design/Revamp segments portfolio to cater to different segment’s needs, increasing customer satisfaction and overall prepaid revenues.
  • Manage to launch planned products & offers following TTM for Mobile prepaid and Internet Everywhere (IEW) prepaid for segments.
  • Price new segments tariffs through creating complex detailed business cases to measure accurately the impact of new tariffs/value propositions on the segments versus overall prepaid revenues.
  • Develop commination briefs highlighting the targeted segment, message to customers & communication channels used within available budget while identifying the value proposition.
  • Ensure alignment of customer service & sales with new tariffs benefits, prices and target segments, and develop scripts to unify the message to the customers across different interaction channels.
  • Monitor tariffs performance and gather regular customer feedback from different channels and through research.
  • Monitor and understand competitor response to the segment within Orange.
  • Perform post launch analysis, comparing results to targets defined earlier in business case as well as overall market situation and report results to the management.
  • Recommend next steps and planned timeline, based on post analysis that will positively impact the segment's customers satisfaction and revenues.
  • Coordinate and work with all concerned departments all the time to ensure delivering best value propositions, facilitating customer journey, decrease churn, enhance loyalty and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Keep close eye on daily prepaid revenues/usage and take immediate actions through promotions/offers or CBM actions if needed.  
  • Follow up with techno center the new innovation products relevant to segments.
  • Work with Marketing New Business to create deals & partnerships specific for segments.
  • Design dashboards that enhance tariffs monitoring and speed decision making process.
  • Monitor the revenues, profitability, sales, churn, base & NPS for segments.


Qualifications & Competencies:


Education & Experience:


  • University degree in Marketing, Business Administration, or Economics.
  • 3-5 years’ experience in marketing telecommunication services.
  • Strong analytical skills and strategic thought process.
  • Excellent command of Microsoft office.
  • Excellent command in Arabic & English languages (written & spoken).




  • Strong knowledge of marketing fundamentals & strategic thought process.
  • Project management skills.
  • Fluent in English & Arabic.
  • Customer Oriented.
  • Strong planning and organizational background.
  • Good strategic thinking based knowledge in marketing.
  • Strong financial & budgeting skills.
  • Excellent communication & interpersonal skills.
  • Strong negotiations skills.
  • Excellent presentation skills.
  • Ability to simplify complex issues and presents them in layman’s language.
  • Operational knowledge of PC, Office software.
  • Ability to transfer knowledge.
  • Demonstrated ability to achieve set results.
  • Knowledge of Jordan market.
  • Ability to work within a multi cultural environment.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • High teamwork skills.
  • Problem solving skills.
  • Work under stress / pressure.
  • High analytical skills Strong personality.
  • Excellent in numbers & figures (numeracy).
  • Thinks out of the box.
  • Positive influencer.